…And so Autumn arrives

Its the 1st of September and I feel like it’s safe to say Autumn is officially here. It’s happening. I can’t deny it. OK, OK, I have been trying to convince people for a few weeks now that Autumn is in full swing but I guess today is the first day I think it might be really true [and not just true in my heart]!

Me and Juno went for an evening stroll at 8pm. Even though we were only out for half an hour the skies got really dark really fast and I had to stop every few meters to take a picture because I wasn’t going to miss blogging about it.

So here is autumn where I live.

Despite the over-exposed sky just look at those leaves! I can’t wait until the whole park is coated!
The squirrels are having a great time eating the acorns – SO many little acorn hats on the ground!
These guys have had logs outside their house for MONTHS and I seriously hope they’ve been saving them for autumn/winter. Nothing better than a log fire. I’m sad I don’t have a fireplace but I might get one of those DVD’s and just pretend… 
Flowers are some of my favourite things, which is stupid to say but I love them! It’s sad to see them wither and die but that’s life, guys! Love how there’s one just hanging in there!
Ah the warm light of autumn dusk. We live in an area with a lot of Red Bricks and they GLOW when the sun is setting. Kinda pretty if you ask me!
I can’t believe how quickly this has come about; dying leaves on the trees. I love it but DAMN. This year is flying by!
My dog’s better than your dog because she’s ALWAYS dressed for Autumn. 


I can’t NOT take pictures of the sky. I’m a big fan of it!wp-1472757103812.jpgwp-1472757246180.jpgwp-1472757257770.jpg

It’s so nice to walk and crunch in leaves and just feel COZY! I’d say I was excited for Autumn drinks but I’ve just found out PSL’s aren’t vegan so… time to invent my own. I’ll keep you posted!


I’m also aware I haven’t been posting much recently. Bad Sam! I am hoping that September is a better month for blogging. I’m going to attempt to do 5 days a week so fingers crossed I think up enough things to blog about!



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