Being Vegan…


Although it’s early days I thought I’d do a little blog post about a recent but long time coming change in my life… I went fully vegan on your ass. Or really my ass. Ok, let’s stop talking about asses for once, guys!

If you read THIS POST about my makeup bag and being cruelty free you might have realised I care about animals enough to make me want to stop buying particular products I only put on my face.

When I wrote that post I was researching things and I stumbled upon some information about veganism and vegetarianism [which I was just last week] and within 5 minutes I decided that I was going to commit to being vegan.

A lot of people don’t get it and just see it as an uncomfortable dietary change [which it is] but for me it makes sense. I don’t want to be involved in the consumption of products which directly harm animals. For a long time I believed just being a vegetarian was enough but recently I’ve realised it isn’t.

Even eating dairy and eggs contributes towards the awful treatment and death of animals and, whilst I wasn’t eating animal flesh [bar fish; I did eat fish but NO LONGER], the thought that my eating cheese and butter meant cows were being harmed was a reality I didn’t really think I could avoid anymore.

So now I’m fully vegan and actually loving it. It’s not as hard as people might think you just need to be prepared. It probably helps that I love cooking and my local pizza place does vegan pizza…

If you have any questions or comments please leave them below and if you want to learn more about how animals are mistreated CLICK HERE and to see how the production of meat is linked to the destruction of Earth as we know it CLICK HERE



ps. I feel like I should say before hand that I know my not eating animal byproducts will not stop the way animals are treated but it will mean I’m not giving them money in the same way that I know me not taking drugs doesn’t stop drug dealers from selling but it does mean I can walk down the street in a straight line and not feel like shit.


4 thoughts on “Being Vegan…

  1. this makes me want to be vegan even more
    but it’s a process right now and a lot of stuff is happening
    Ryan is going back to school etc
    but i have started down the path…i’m slowly cutting out dairy
    milk is next…i almost didn’t get milk last time (i have it with tea) but i caved and got it
    and i think deep down i have always known i am not stopping there

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    1. Honestly I’ve been the same for a long time and then I just had that moment! Let me know how you get on. I found the milk switch the easiest but I’m already missing cheese! 😂


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