Dream DIY Projects

For the longest time I’ve wanted to MAKE things. Real things with my hands rather than stories, y’know.

I’ve been busy planning projects because I’m going to be getting my office/crafting space sorted soon which means the sewing machine will be brought out and dusted off!

You may have guessed it; this is another Pinterest-heavy post. Until I’m all set up I’m going to be pining and so you can pine too!

I’ll start with underwear.

Get all comfy and sexy with a DIY lace bralette. | 16 Totally Lovely Lace DIYs You'll Want To Try Right Now: The Peppermint Store: DIY: Lace bralette:

Since I started wanting to make things making underwear has been a strangely exciting prospect. There’s something so simple about it but so intricate which I think will both drive me mad and also spur me on to make it!

I also have an addiction to kimono’s. Both robes and casual outerwear. I’m currently on a mission to find a silk robe for a good price [so if you know of anywhere tell me!] but I’m also on a mission to find some great material so I can make some of these:

Quick Kimono make. If you're using silk just take your time. Measure twice cut once.:

These drapy loose jackets are a delight!

And then there’s just the various projects I want to try along the way:

Cutesy Aprons

Aprons Pattern McCalls M6366. via Etsy.:

Easy Yoga mat bags

Easy yoga mat bags:

dip-dye trainers [because OMG]

Candy Coated Sneakers:


Geometric mirror art!

Gem Mirror DIY (+ Easy Glass Cutting Technique!)]i from abeautyfulmess blog -wym:


If you want to look at some of the other projects I’ve been pinning just head on over to Pinterest board KNITS AND CRAFTS!


Until next time!




3 thoughts on “Dream DIY Projects

  1. Ooo, all of these are so cute! If I had a sewing machine I would definitely make myself a ton of adorable aprons and bags–there are just so many charming fabrics out there that I sometimes find myself buying them even though I have no way of using them ;D Enjoy your new crafting space once it’s ready!

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