A walk and unexpected graffiti!

I take the pup for a walk every day but I don’t always have time to take her on HUGE walks where I literally have to drag her home. Sure, that might make me a bad puppy-mum but pft.

Today I woke up and it was sunny! We’ve been having very topsy turvy weather lately with summer and autumn visually battling it out every single second of the day. Naturally I had to take advantage of the sun before it turned to something else!


I love where I live! The parks [of which there are plenty] are gorgeous and  mostly well kept. Sure – stinking kids leave the remnants of their lunch around or leave burnt patched in the grass from a stupidly done BBQ [I mean, how hard is it to not burn the grass? Amateurs!] but apart from all of that just LOOK at the greenery.


It’s also really dog friendly so most of the time, when I’m not trying to keep up with Juno, I’m talking to other dog owners and going mushy over the fact their dogs enjoy being stroked! [Juno is insane].


To be fair; I appreciate her insanity when it comes to this park in particular. There’s a river in which ALL the other dogs swim and play in. THANKFULLY Juno has a irrational fear of water and so she never goes in. She doesn’t even stand in puddles. I don’t know how she got this way!

The park also offers a millions benches; most of them dedicated to people from the community [although there is one aptly named ‘Chill Bench’] – my favourite place to sit is under two trees and looks out over the park. On Sunday’s there’s always a kid’s fun-run [gross] and so me and Juno watched. I think we were both thankful I’d timed our walk to perfection because most of the time [read ALWAYS] we get caught up in it.


Because an hour’s run around the park isn’t enough [for either of us] I dragged the poor puppy on an adventure down a path I’d never taken before and it was amazing! I didn’t take all the pictures I wanted to but I basically ended up down a walk-way [there are LOADS of these hidden throughout the town] and found the world’s most humorous graffiti artists in all the land.

I walked past the messages ‘follow the light’, ‘remember the fireflies’, ‘don’t look’ and ‘turn back now’ before I reached what I’m assuming to be the Eye of Sauron:


And then, as if to prove that geek-graffiti really DOES exist I found these beauties:


I didn’t know how much the world needed a Spock stencil until this point.

I love a good wander off the beaten track!




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