The other day I took a day off work and went into Manchester with my boyfriend.

It was a much needed excursion; mostly because I just needed a break and also because I had a strange desire to spend a lot of money. And I did…

We started the day by visiting Moose Coffee, on York Street. First, I feel like it’s necessary to explain that I’d never been there before but had heard really good things. Secondly, google maps is atrocious.

I thought I knew roughly where it was but I google mapped it just to be safe because I’m an adult…except the damn map confused me by making me [aka the pointer] point in a different direction than the one I was going in. Ten confusing minutes later we found it.

It could not have been more simple to find; if you’re a Manchester dweller here’s a tip. Go to Primark; make a left. It’s there.


Moose Coffee is a conundrum unto itself. You hear ‘Moose’ and you see Moose [antlers on the walls] and you think of Canada. Right? Wrong. It’s an American diner.

I don’t know why they called it Moose Coffee but hey ho! It’s delicious. They do pancakes and eggs in every which way and the coffee is good, too.


A hour later and weighing a good 10lbs more than when I went in I was out for the count. Portions sizes are generous. Really generous. If you plan on going go VERY hungry. Also expect to queue. Luckily I didn’t have to because it was Friday afternoon and it had been raining heavily but from what I can hear you can wait a while to get a table; it’s not a huge place.

One of the things Manchester does really well is Geek. The comic book/game shops are always on my list of go-to places.


I could spend hours looking through all the stuff. I was actually pretty sad because I went on Friday but it was the Manchester Comic Con on Saturday and Sunday. Each year I say I’ll go and each year I time my life terribly. I was WAY too tired to go walking around again!

And walk we did. Well over 12k steps, according to my pedometer. We were walking from 2 until 9; I’m still aching!

I an’t complain, though. The buildings and the squares are always worth it… and the fact there’s a million starbucks’s to rest in along the way!


On a side note – the trip was mostly so I could get my nose pierced again! Check out my Instagram 😉




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