Cemetery visit

Yes, I’ve been plodding through the plots again. This is the same cemetery as my previous post so you’d think there wouldn’t be much more to see but every time I walk through it I see more gravestones that pique my interest.

Like this one; sunken into the ground like a ship wreck. wp-1469347722074.jpg

Or this one, which might not seem strange to you but with most of the other stones being the typical shape with only family names and possibly a little prayer passage this stands out all the more.


Mostly all of the stones are old; the writing is faded, the names almost gone from existence [sad], and yet they all stand together in a way that makes me see them as people and not slabs of rock.

The stones are aged and some of them lean a little bit but most of them are still tended to. Either by the gardener or by a long surviving relative who still puts flowers down despite time working to take them farther and farther away.


And then there are the ones that are rusting. I know it’s probably because the ground is marshy and damp but in my mind it’s because there is no family left to care for their memory. Morbid, maybe, but that’s how my over active imagination works!


If you’ve ever read the Beautiful Creatures series you might understand when I say each headstone reminds me of a door. The souls that have passed are just beyond…

Hopefully this wasn’t a post that bummed you out too much. I find cemeteries really peaceful places and happily wander; reading names and family names and prayers makes me think that humans, with all their crazy rituals, aren’t that bad after all.


6 thoughts on “Cemetery visit

  1. I share your interest. I studied and wrote a paper on the way the landscape is changed and through cultural norms for religious expression and cultural expression. Fascinating..thanks for sharing this one…

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