Ball Games

wp-1469347252724.jpgAfter buying some sports equipment a while ago I finally put it to use this week. The weather has been intense; hot and humid mixed with rain storms. It’s amazing!

I decided on the day we were forecast rain that it would be a good day to play outside. I think I’ve already mentioned but I LOVE being in the rain. Hair be damned, makeup be damned. If it’s raining I’m more than likely going to be out in it at some point without an umbrella.

Just as the weather was cresting me and my boyfriend went searching for a tennis court to play on. There are a few near us but it’s finding an unoccupied one that’s the real challenge; summer, I’m sure you know, is a time when everyone decides to get fitter… me included.

Thankfully the 2nd court we hit up was free and, whilst it was warm, we were blessed with a downpour which made the game all the more fun. It was hot, sweaty and sticky and I don’t think I stopped smiling and screaming. We batted the ball back and forth without playing by any rules, Juno made a great/terrible ball girl. Everytime the ball hit the net she ran full pelt to get it… and then took it to the other side of the court to drop it before heading back to the net to wait for the next one.

Although it says ‘stricktly no dogs’ on the sign outside I’m glad I ignored it because she had as much fun as we did.wp-1469347252725.jpg

We ended with a little bit of Moon Ball – hitting the ball as high into the air as possible and then trying to return it in the same manner.

Suffice to say I screamed a lot and laughed and then we decided to call it quits. I’m aching and happy and ready to play again at the next opportunity. It’s funny how a cheap set of rackets and balls can lead to a great work out and so much fun… who needs a gym?!





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