New Email Address, less stress.


I’m one of those silly ‘never delete/keep on top of emails’ people.

To be honest my email inbox is sitting at something like 3000+ emails in it… and they are potentially only the unread ones.

I KNOW! It’s so stupid. Why didn’t I keep on top of it? I don’t know. I get A LOT of junk emails and subscribe to so many things I just eventually gave up trying to keep it clear.

My main email address isn’t even my own – shock horror. I was SO lazy when I was younger I actually managed to steal my sisters email address. I’m still not actually sure how that came about. It is probably a showcase of THE most laziest thing I’ve ever done. To be fair it’s because I used to be a Yahoo! girl [and, at one point, an AOL girl] and then when I decided I wanted a Hotmail address… well, I guess I must have thought it would be easier to take hers!

It’s one of those ones that makes no sense and is quite embarrassing to give to people as I have to explain I didn’t come up with it… awkward moments for all. SO, I decided, finally, that it was time to come up with a NEW address.

It’s funny how something so small and insignificant can give you a sense of relief. I’m going through the laborious task of moving everything I want over but IT’S HAPPENING.

Hope I’m not the only person who is both sentimental about email addresses and also who finds things like this cathartic!



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