Eight Hour Cream // Review


I’m never without Elizabeth Arden’s Eight Hour Cream.

I figured I’d just do a little post about my love for it.

I’m sure I’ve talked about lip balms before… I must have. I have a thing. I’m obsessed with putting lip balm on and I have at least 2 on my person at all times. Mostly one of those is a variation of Eight Hour Cream.

I have the little pack shown here, which I cleverly bought in Duty Free on my trip to Croatia, because the real price product is a little… pricey [The 50ml tube is £27… ouch].

That being said I do sometimes splash out and buy it because it’s so good.

Originally created in the 30’s it’s famously known for being used on horses hooves or bruises or something crazy because it has incredible healing powers. It only takes… you guessed it, 8 hours to take effect.

The balm soothes sore skin, moisturises, softens cuticles, keeps unruly brows at bay, softens chapped lips… it also smells like oregano which, to me, is a bonus but I think it puts others off.

I use the skin balm on my face, my hands and my lips. Mostly as a lip balm. This is because the actual lip balm doesn’t last long at all. It is so moreish and you can put LOADS on and it won’t make your lips feel or look gross, that you just go through it THAT fast.

I have the hand cream and I love that, too, but I have to say I prefer the skin balm more. Probably because I always have it with me and I suffer from eczema so I have to be careful what I put on my hands. That’s not a down side; it doesn’t help with real eczema [you know, the skin cracking, red and gross kind] by healing it. You do need to see a doctor about that! That being said it does help with the itching…

So there you go! If anyone were to ever ask me what I thought I’d say BUY IT. You won’t regret it!




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