Diffusers & smells [Anypro Aroma]

I love smells. Good smells, not bad smells, duh.

I recently purchased an oil diffuser because I can’t not buy things I see. I have issues. That being said it’s less frivolous and more of an adult purchase, right?

Along with the diffuser, which you fill with water, I bought a few essential oils. You plop a few drops into the water and then watch at the diffuser puffs nice smelling air out whilst also glowing in pretty colours. What can I say? If it lights up it’s 10 times better.

So far I love the thing. It does the job and doesn’t overheat or continue to try to diffuse when there’s no water left. You can set it to work for an hour, a few hours or just have it on for as long as the water lasts; helpful.

The only thing I’m still trying to figure out is what oils I like.

If  you know of any good scents or have any aromatherapy knowledge please hit me up with some info; I can’t keep burning Lavender, I’m not that old… [but I love it].




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