I’m published!!

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Well, almost…

Today is the day I put the first of a series I am working on out into the world! It’s currently sitting in Amazon’s hands, being reviewed, until they decide to let it go free so people [like you] can download it.

Naturally, I’m nervous. I enjoy the writing but the hardest part of doing anything creative is letting it out for other people to see/judge etc. At the end of the day, though, I don’t care. It’s just fun to be done with a project, finally!

I’m publishing under a pen name, much like when you need to find your stripper name and you take the first pet you had and your road name [that’s still it, isn’t it?], I mushed some things together that resounded with me and the series.

You see I want to keep my self publishing antics out of my actual publishing antics [where I hope to eventually end up, with full length stories which are printed and bound and covered and loved in homes around the world] and I googled it and it just seems like that’s what people do.

So my pen name [for this series] is Frances June. It sounds like an old name, which is what I wanted. The series is set in the 20’s [for the time being] so an old name felt right. Also it’s my middle name and the month I was born. You might be able to tell I like the name June, hence naming the puppy Juno.

Here’s a little sneak peek of the cover, for those who are interested


For now I’ll just leave you with the cover and the title; Etta!

This is the first in the series titled The Fantasy Girl and there are currently at least 6 books in the pipeline for it, so y’know, get on board.

The link for it, once it appears on sale, will follow soon so keep your eyes peeled here, on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. I’ll be doing some heavy handed promotion, for sure.




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