Busy June


I can’t even believe this month is already over. I don’t know if you’ve noticed but I didn’t keep up with my usual number of posts; I’m feeling the shame, don’t worry! However, saying that I’m also not.

I have mentioned things here and there about my writing and I’m going to be using July to write to agents and work on some new stories but June was all about working on a short story that I’m self publishing. The plan is still to try to get it done by the end of the month so I’ve been busy both working hard and procrastinating like a devil.

If it were just a case of publishing it now I could do it but I stupidly decided I was going to partially illustrate it. I’m not a GREAT artists but I can usually sketch out some good things so I figured why not?

One thing that I wanted to do was use a pen name when self publishing so that I can keep both sets of writing ‘careers’ separate. Now, this is something I am struggling with because I’M TERRIBLE AT NAMING THINGS. It’s always the hardest part of writing stories. Naming them. What’s in a name? EVERYTHING. You wouldn’t have read Twilight if it was called Bella and the Sparkling Vamps… Jesus, did I just come up with the best band name ever by mistake? I think I might have… OK… maybe I’m getting better at this naming thing… excuse me whilst I use this new power…


See you next month with more blog posts and hopefully a few announcements!



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