Little Moments

Whilst I’ve been planning blog posts sometimes it’s nice to just look at the little moments that didn’t make it into other blogs.

Despite it being OFFICIALLY SUMMER (!!) I’m still enjoying the summer rain. What’s cozier? Nothing… right? It’s nice to look at the rain whilst working inside. It makes me feel better about not going out. 
I’m still putting my new home together and it’s taken me an AGE to pick a table and chairs. As we don’t have much space I wanted chairs that folded away. After a lot of shopping around I found these beauties on Habitat’s website. Metal, different colours? It’s like game pieces for the table!! (hashtag geek)
As well as chairs I finally got side tables so I can now break out these coasters. YES!!!!!!!
SNAIL MAIL was finally sent out at the weekend so if you emailed me please keep a look out and let me know when you get it! ❤
I love how grainy this picture is. My phone takes awful pictures in low light but it sometimes works in my favour. Nothing better than looking into the crowd during quiet moments and seeing them lit up like fireflies.

Whilst there are only a few and you may have seen them on Instagram I wanted to share them here. Often pictures I take are deemed rubbish and not fit for public viewing because I have to take them on my phone [computer issues mean I can’t upload from my real camera] but I may have solved my problem so hopefully I’ll be able to be more open with the shots I take.



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