It’s been a while since I’ve been to Ireland and I’ve only ever been to Dublin once when I was a kid so going back was a blast from the past.

I went with my sister and her husband to see Nashville in concert [aka the actors from Nashville singing songs from the show]. Manchester had sold out so we naturally decided flying to Dublin was the next best thing. To be fair it sounds more extreme than it is; the flight takes 30 minutes!

I could harp on about the trip and the show but I’d rather just show you the pictures. There’s a lot… sorry.


Dublin is a strange city; filled with more tourists than locals. You can’t take two steps without hearing American, German, Chinese, or even English accents. It seems like it’s a tourist destination for SO many, I have to say I was a little surprised. Having spent so much of my childhood over there I guess I can’t see the appeal from an outside perspective but HOT DAMN people like going there.


The great thing about Dublin is that it has some great architecture. The old buildings are beautiful and the statues (of which there are millions!) are lovely. The sad thing is that the city is, in my opinion, a bit of a dump. The newer buildings are such an eyesore compared to the others that it stuck me with feelings of conflict. Did I like it? Did I hate it? I still don’t know.


There were fun things to do and LOTS of places to drink, eat, and generally be merry but I couldn’t get over the jarring buildings when I was looking around. It seems like it’s a stupid thing to get stuck on but when you’re taking pictures you find you have to really chose the shot carefully to make sure you only select the ‘nice’.


It did get me thinking, though. You see pictures of places and each picture is void of the actual life that lives there; the locals, the crowds, the buildings that don’t fit with the picturesque image. It made me a bit sad that I cringed away just because it didn’t feed into the ideals I was looking for. Perhaps because it wasn’t how I remembered it, as well.

That being said I think, at the end of it, I enjoyed it. I’m old enough to drink now [and some] and had my first pint of real Guiness. I’m not saying I love it but I finished the whole thing so there’s that. I also found the city really easy to navigate and really friendly. Maybe one day I’ll go back; even just for a day, before I head out into the countryside because that, to me, is Ireland at it’s best!

Have you ever been? Let me know your thoughts in the comments!




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