Bad Ass Woman: Shawna Howson



It’s been a while since I talked about a bad ass woman but me thinks it’s time!

Shawna Howson is just a delight on the internet [and I’m sure IRL, too]. Starting out on the Youtubez she started making videos AGES ago under the username Nanalew. A mixture of vlogs, comedy sketches and youtube -twinning [It’s a think that needs to be a thing again] brought her to my attention way back when and I was instantly hooked on her humour and eye for banana outfits.

It’s fun to go back through her videos and watch how they progressed. From web cam to 1080p the quality and content have only gotten better and better and some of her music videos are inspirational if you’re interested in film, editing and colour grading [I’m jealous, it’s like she has her own Nanalew Filter]… also she has the best hair.

Need I say more?

Is this creepy enough? I feel like this is verging on stalker but she’s just kind of a source of constant entertainment and she makes me want to tell everyone about her.

The biggest reason for this lil’ blog post is because she recently released her first short film, Mara & Chen,  on her Youtube channel and it’s GOOD, man. Really GOOD! It’s also the product of a lot of hard work as she wrote, directed, produced, edited and starred in the damn thing. She’s seriously stepped up and I’m just happy she’s finally released it to the world. When people talk about how there aren’t enough women in film I always think ‘just wait’ because Shawna is going places, fo sho!

So check her out, like her stuff and leave her a nice comment somewhere because it’s just the nice thing to do, ok? You know how I feel about this!


ps. She also writes and has self published poetry books so… she’s winning, ok?


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