Cactus Update!


Today is rainy and miserable [aka how everyone else describes rain. I actually find it delightful!] so I figured what better way to cap off the day than updating you all on my plants.

What’s not to like about this?!

I have plans of filling my home with as many plants as possible; finding the perfect ones is hard so it’s an ongoing challenge. I did, however, buy myself a succulent when I moved in and also received two plants from my colleagues at work so my little indoor garden is my pride and joy.

When I first got them they were tinie tiny. I think I posted them on my instagram account so head on over there to see them when they were wee babies!

Now that they are growing I keep gazing at them whilst I’m in the kitchen because they are like plant-based pets. I’m weird, I know.



I can’t wait until my collection grows. I’ve been eyeing up some new little cacti and succulents as well as researching plants for their different health properties so watch this space for more. I’ll keep you posted!

Let me know if you have any favourite indoor plants! I am not against small trees and easy to care for herbs and spices (my mint plant is a beast)!


7 thoughts on “Cactus Update!

  1. I love succulents, and you have such a beautiful little collection 😀 I want a cactus growing out of a teapot! That’s like my entire aesthetic in a nutshell. (I’m also fond of the dinosaurs patrolling your windowsill.)

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    1. haha thanks – the dinosaurs protect the plants for me! Yes, the teacup and teapot thing is THE CUTEST EVER. I have always wanted them and my friend made one for me which saved me a messy job! haha!

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