Rose hair!


DIY ROSE HAIR.jpgI’ve been threatening to dye my hair rose for a while. I’d bought the bottle from Bleach London earlier in the year but it’s only in the past few weeks I’d decided to use it. Mostly because I got all my hair chopped off and it’s easier dying shorter hair!

I attempted to take some pictures of the process so here we go!

I was a good girl and started with a strand test. The bottle says to leave the colour on for 15 minutes so I did….


And I wasn’t overly impressed with it. The colour had only just tinted my hair. That being said it had done what I needed it to do; told me I wasn’t allergic and also told me I needed to keep it in my hair for longer.


IMPORTANT NOTE: My hair hates colour. It doesn’t like holding onto it at all and will rest forever. This is my experience with colour; if you have hair that takes to colour well you should definitely do the strand test as your hair could take to it quickly!


Because of this rubbish strand test I cracked the rest of the dye on my hair and set my timer for 20 minutes instead.


As time went on my hair grew steadily pinker so it actually shows the colour changing in your hair. There’s nothing I hate more than putting something in your hair and not being able to tell if it’s working!


I washed out with cool water – it took forever but that’s life. I’d previously toned my hair to get it as pale as possible before putting the rose dye on but my roots still didn’t take very well. The ends of my hair are mostly very bright but the top is peach. I love it, don’t get me wrong, but I’m going to re-do it in a few days!


Above is my hair freshly blow dried. Below is my hair in a French plait – you should be able to see how some of it is still peachy rather than rose. Either way HOW CUTE IS THIS?


The great thing about Bleach London dye is that it’s smells great, feels great and there’s also a lot left to use later on. [If you have longer hair you probably won’t have much left, though!]


All in all I love it. I was worried the paleness of it would make me look washed out because I’m SO pale anyway but it actually goes quite well with my skin tone. I just hope I don’t clash with all my clothes now!

Once this fades I plan on going on to another colour… you’ll have to stay posted to find out what, though!


9 thoughts on “Rose hair!

      1. People say crazy things when they see someone that has changed their hair color, can’t wait to hear what you hear.
        I remember holding a door open for someone and they where in shock that I did that. I guess they thought I had lost being polite while having a different look! lol

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      2. To be honest that’s the part I’m most worried about! I know I’ll get some jibes at work but the main thing is my parents quite like it so I know it can’t be that shocking! Haha!!


      3. If it past the parent test, then all is good. haha
        I paint my finger nails in all shades of the rainbow. It started when my Dad bought me my first bottle. Ppl say lots of stuff but, it’s something I love to do. Do what makes you happy! I get so tired of ppl telling how to live my life.

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