2016 goal – SO FAR

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Remember when I made a list of my 2016 goals? Well now is the time to go through them and see how I’m doing…

Finish editing my first novel. 

I had wanted to finish my first novel by the end of January; I managed it by the start of February so mission accomplished. The updated goal is to get an agent to take it and help me get published! 

Edit my 2nd novel and start working on the 3rd in a series I’m working on.

I’m still due to start editing my second novel because I may have lost the programme to open it [I have to remind myself not to worry too much about this…]. I’ll start it by the end of June, though, and then also start the third in a series as soon as I’m done working on the series I’m self publishing soon… More on that later!

Do as much yoga as possible.

I started this year really well and did yoga EVERY DAY until April. I got really ill and couldn’t do anything for a while. Now I’m better I have fallen off the yoga wagon again. I’m slowly getting back there – I’m committed!

Take my bike out. 

I’m getting my bike this weekend. The weather is finally good enough to get out there and explore on two wheels! 

Take more photos and play more with filming.

I’ve been taking LOADS of pictures this year; just search my tags for Project 365 and Photostream – I need to get a new powershot digital or at least take my old one back from my dad who has stolen it!! I do have plans on taking my manual camera out soon, too. As for filming; due to broken computer filming has been put on hold until I can get my editing software back. 

Run less, play more.

You better believe I’m running less, playing more. Not only am I walking more with the pup I’m also running for fun and doing more physical things like boot camps and Samurai classes… which I always do but this year I feel like I’m making progress. 

Make more connections with people and write letters!

I’ve made so many new friends both in real life and on the internet. I’ve also reconnected with old friends [who I missed SO much] so I’m winning at this one fo’ sho! Also, if you’ve been paying attention, I’ve been doing a Snail Mail Project – if you’re interested in getting involved check out THIS POST!

Write a screenplay for a short film.

Nope. No. Nah. I haven’t done this yet because I’ve been working on other writing projects, however, I have been going through my ideas recently and have some pretty decent stories I could work with. It’s still a thing. 

Get a new job or start making money by making things!

Oh guys. I wish I had a new job. I wish I was making things and selling them. It’s still high on the list; I’m looking for jobs every damn day but so far nothing has come up that interests me and if it has it’s been for far too little money; I’d lose my house! I’ll let you know if anything changes. 

Blog more. 

Am I doing it? Yes! Am I keeping it creative and interesting..? I hope so. I’ve tried to blog 5 days a week and, whilst I’ve had some gaps, I have kept up with this pretty damn well if I do say so myself! Keeping this blog going is keeping me going and making me accountable for the things I say I’m going to do. Thanks for reading this and continuing to read it and if you’re new here don’t forget to subscribe/follow. 


If you wrote a blog with 2016 goals I think it’s about time you did an update; if you do link me to it so I can keep up with you, too!



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