Planning blog posts


When it comes to planning anything I’m kind of on the fence… I appreciate a good plan and think that it mostly helps things run smoothly but I’m also a crazy Gemini lady who lives like one of those dogs you see with its face sticking out of the window, tongue lolling in the wind; I go with the flow. Sometimes it works out and the wind is enjoyable. Sometimes I end up eating bugs.

So recently I’ve been eating bugs. I’m going to hold my hand up and say I’ve been bad at planning blog posts. I was doing very well for a long time and recently I’ve just been hanging out of that car, tongue lolling, smashing into every tree branch that passes. To be fair I have moved house recently and things are still settling down but no more!

As it was recently my birthday I have been given many exciting gifts. One of which was a big note pad. I have a very large collection of note pads which are used for things such as writing story ideas to doodling pictures of people. The new one I received for my birthday had ‘blog planning’ written all over it… well, not really, but it will do soon.


I love nothing more than fresh pages; the promise of unrealised ideas hidden between the lines. I have a lot of practise with collecting ideas. I tend to write my blog post ideas on my phone’s note pad but writing things in long hand, for real, gives it more weight. Planning with pen and paper is a sure fire way to light a fire under me, creatively. Do you find that? I can write as many ideas as I want in a Word document but if I write something down, say a list that needs doing, then you can bet your butt I’ll do it because I’ve taken it out of my inner-brain world [and out of the digital world] and I’ve made it real.


So this was the first blog I planned in my new note pad. I have started writing a few more so this blog will be on the up again soon; I’m talking pre-planned, pre-written posts which I can queue up like a boss.

Watch out, world. I’m going to be writing more… sorry in advance.


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