Snail Mail Open Call

I mentioned it in my previous blog [quietly, at the bottom of the post] that I was going to do another batch of snail mail. I figured it was about time, however, for this to really work I feel like I should really shout about it rather than whisper.

The plan is to send out some mail to people [friends and ‘strangers’ alike] containing a letter about whatever I feel like writing about and some mystery items for fun. I did it a while ago and so thought why not do it again?

So please consider this an official OPEN CALL.


I’ll start by sending you a piece of mail; if you want to send something back to me by return then please feel free to do so, I’ll include return instructions in my mail to you!

If this sounds like something you’re interested in please email me your address to – if we don’t know each other well perhaps tell me a little something about you first and then I’ll have something to work with, otherwise you’re going to get a REALLY random letter. Unless that’s what you want? Because I’m really good at that.

I’m excited to do this! Let’s post some stuff!



One thought on “Snail Mail Open Call

  1. Random letter writing is the best! It makes the person you sent it to dizzy and who doesn’t love getting dizzy once in a
    I hope you find a lot of new friends in this big world, who love to send snail mail.
    I’ve always wanted to send a bag of candy with someones address on it, just to see if it gets to them.Skittles would be my first bag to send.

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