It’s m’birthday!

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Yep. 1st June is not only the birthday of Marilyn Monroe, Morgan Freeman, Amy Schumer and Alanis Morrisette, it’s also MINE, ALL MINE!

Ageing is just great. Except when you turn 31, which I am. I don’t mind getting older but I do mind feeling like I’m kind of failing at life. It’s obligatory to Google celebrities who are your age [which I did] to get a good sense of how you should be living life. Katy Perry, Scar-Jo, even Avril Lavigne; all 31 and winning at life…

This seems like it’s a downer post but it’s actually not. I find it amusing to look at other people and see what they’re doing. My most favourite thing in life is to look to see what the characters of Friends were doing at my age because surely that’s the only way to gauge as to whether you’re on track.

When those crazy kids were 31 [season 8] they were all freaking messes! Rachel and Ross had a one night stand and she got knocked up [no, thanks], Chandler and Monica also decided they wanted kids [no, thanks again] and Joey was in love with Rachel… I mean, I get that part. Even now I’m envious of her hair.

Chandler also started to love baths… I’m not there yet.

Basically, it’s the season they all had to grow up. I suppose I’m there in some respects; just bought my first home and I’m working on a career that’s seemingly impossible and scary but I’m doing it anyway. Other than that I’m still OK being a 31 year old kid.

Today also marks a whole year of me not using an umbrella. Yes, that’s right. I said it. After I turned 30 and got drenched on my birthday [I purposefully stood under a waterfall that was cascading off a roof because hashtagYOLO] I decided that I was over being one of those ‘Argh! Get out of the rain’ people. Because rain is just water and it’s weird people don’t like it. My hair actually looks better after it’s been rained on [best curls ever] so the universe finally won.

Every single year on my birthday [or at least 99%] it has rained. Ever since I was a kid; it’s kind of an on ongoing family joke. When I woke up this morning and saw the rain clouds I really wasn’t surprised. Now I realise it MUST have been the universe telling me rain hair is my best hair… riiiiight? [just let me have this one].

SO to wrap up a blog post about nothing but me and my stupidly crazy brain. Happy birthday, me.




6 thoughts on “It’s m’birthday!

  1. Happy birthday Sam! So jealous your hair is better after it rains! haha mine gets more curly for sure but also frizzes and then my bangs get curly too so I have to pin them back. But whatever. I just visited Portland, OR and it lightly rains all the time and none of the locals use umbrellas, so I think you’re on to something. Hope you had a great day!

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    1. Haha it’s taken me ages to realise rain is my friend! But mostly since I grew my bangs out;) I’d love to go to Portland. I feel like it’s kinda my destiny now!! By the way, still going to be sending stuff in the mail soon. It’s been hectic to say the least!! X


  2. Happy belated birthday!!
    We’re the same age 😉 and I totally relate to what you said, it feels weird! It’s like the inner self is exactly the same since we remember being a person and we feel we should have changed somehow, right?
    (really funny post to read btw)

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