I’m on a constant hair quest.

I blogged before about how to keep blonde hair blonde and bleaching my own hair so naturally I feel the need to keep you in the loop about all my hair adventures!

I got all of my hair lopped off a couple of weeks ago and then decided it was time to spruce up my colour. I have to start by saying I don’t know anything about hair and bleaching. I don’t have any experience with anyone else’s hair other than my own so I can’t really give advice. Saying that, let’s get down to business.

My hair doesn’t like being bleached. At all. It’s in great condition, so that’s a plus, but when it comes to actually bleaching it takes me an AGE! I’m OK with this. I don’t mind spending a few hours doing it, thankfully.

My roots are what needed bleaching the most but because my hair had been cut I decided to refresh the whole thing. Even though I said I wouldn’t give advice I would say bleaching the ends of your hair really isn’t necessary. Since I started bleaching my own hair I’ve only ever done my whole head maybe twice..? So doing my whole head this time means I won’t be doing it again for a LONG time.


You can see above my natural hair colour is showing; my roots are dark blonde and there’s about 6 months of growth there. Because I’m lazy.

So I began the process of going BLONDER.

Like I said; my hair isn’t keen on holding onto colour so the first time I bleached my hair went a lovely shade but my roots didn’t take very well and I was left with light orange/blonde roots. Thankfully I know to expect it so it didn’t panic me too much!


A week after I did the initial bleach I bought a new box of the same L’oreal Feria to re-do my roots. I like to leave my hair a while before touching up mishaps because it just gives it that time to breath…

I forgot to take a picture of what dye I used so here’s a promo shot:

It’s a very simple process and with everything in the box you don’t need to buy loads of things  (like mixing trays, separate lightening powder and developers etc.). It’s literally just mix everything in the bottle and slap it on.

I did just that, again. This time I only applied it to my roots and a little way past them just to blend (because I’ve missed patches in the middle before and it’s not a great look).


After leaving it on for the required time (I think it was 40 minutes in the end) I washed it out and toned my entire head with Jerome Russell’s Bblonde toner. It’s SO cheap and I can get it from my local supermarket so I like it just to use as and when (I’ve talked about other toner’s before and they can be costly and harder to get so this one is easier, albeit not massively effective).

The good thing about this toner is that you can use it a few times (if you don’t have long hair, woohoo!), so I have it saved in case of emergency.

And now my hair looks like this:


BLONDE. (Also, I look really tired because I decided to take this picture as soon as I woke up… whatever!).

My whole head is uber blonde and my hair is feeling good. I’m still going to be toning for a while and once I find my purple shampoo I’ll use that every few washes too. It takes my hair ages to get to actual white blonde but hey ho! Once I’m there I’ll be changing it all up again for fun.



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