I’m always walking and today I managed to hit my 10k step count before 9am. Hollaaa! The great thing about walking so early is that it’s so quiet. There’s hardly anyone around, even in the local dog park, which is nice. Don’t get me wrong, I love it when the other dog walkers appear because DOGS=Cute times but the morning is not the time for me to be social.


Before people could come and scare them away I found some ducks and ducklings and they were adorable.


The thing I like most about where I live is how green everywhere is. There are SO many trees. I’m one of those weirdos who feels all hippy-dippy about trees. I feel like it would be appropriate if I had round sunglasses and started hugging them and calling everyone ‘maaan’. Ok, maybe it’s not that bad but I still love them. The one above is cool because it’s kinda shaped like a butterfly but also like those t-shirts which have trees that look like lungs… you know the ones I mean?

Ok, now I have to go and eat food and plan a TV show blog post because I have been watching SO many things recently that I need to tell you guys!



ps. I’m getting ready to do another snail mail project so if you want to exchange post just hit me up:



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