Exploring & Antiques

This weekend was one of my good friend’s wedding days which resulted in a day spent in great company with LOTS of laughing and dancing but also lots of country driving and exploration.

Assuming my usual role of designated driver I taxied a few friends to and fro and then next day (aka today) I realised I had someone’s car keys. Cue a trip back to the area the wedding was held in (I hold no grudges, guys, it was a nice adventure!) and a little side trip to a very strange shopping area where I found the best antique store filled with lots of treasure.


Every shelf had something I wanted just so I could crouch on a rock in the middle of a pool whispering ‘my precious’. The prices varied a lot; some great deals on old camera and watches, some higher priced items which pique my interest so much I wished the people working there would give a guided tour and then there were items which weren’t for sale, which, of course, made me want to know why!


I know there are some people who look at things in antique stores and think they’re just filled with other people’s old crap but I’m on the other side of the scale where I think it’s all pretty amazing. Even the crust old teddy bears (which look remarkably like ones I used to have which is freaking me out a bit) have a history. If only people wrote letters to go along with the items so you knew where they’d been.


I don’t really have any place to put anything new right now because I need to focus on buying adult things like a dining table and shelves but I wish I knew more about antiques to know what’s worth it and what isn’t! Maybe I don’t watch enough antique tv shows… Oh dear. I hope I haven’t found a new obsession.



2 thoughts on “Exploring & Antiques

  1. That’s really cool 🙂 Once I’m able to move to a new place, I think I would like to get some antiques to give a special touch to the house. So it can look a little bit less ‘ikea’ and more unique. But I have the same issue, I don’t know if I’m paying way too much or if it’s priced less than it should.

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