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The title really says it all. On Saturday I went and got about 6 inches of hair cut off. My hair had gotten really long but also really dry at the ends just because I’m terrible at looking after it… What’s a hairbrush again?

Anywhooo, it had just gotten to that time (once every 5 years or so, like an Earth seeking comet) where I was sick of how long it was and how I couldn’t do anything with it so I got the big chop!

If you follow me on any other social media (links are all over the place so do keep in touch) you’ll have seen it already but for those who only linger on the fringes of internet stalking here are some pictures.

A patchy dye job! 
My natural waves are coming back!
I feel like every style I do now is automatically cuter. 

I love it. It’s like having kids hair in that it’s bouncy and kind of wild again. I love having wild hair and I can now leave this thing to dry naturally and it’s hilarious and also totally wearable (if you’re not bothered about a bit of poof but I love the 80’s so I’m all about it).

I have also coloured it. I went with Loreal Feria this time, which was a first (and totally exactly the same as the Loreal preference I got the last few times… I don’t get the difference at all). As per usual my hair is kind of patchy but I also know that it will eventually even out. It has a way of resisting and then after a couple of washes and a few toner applications it’s fine. Again; I don’t mind the fact it’s not ‘salon perfect’ hair. I’m of the opinion hair really doesn’t matter in the great scheme of things so…

More hair posts coming soon… if I’m feeling brave.





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