Eurovision 2016!


I can’t recall a year where I didn’t sit down and watch Eurovision song contest. I feel like this might be an unknown entity to my friends and readers in the US and Canada (Maybe?) so you need to catch up quick if you don’t know!

Eurovision is a terribly good singing competition which is rife with political bitch slapping when it comes to countries voting (basically you only vote for your neighbouring countries because everyone else apparently sucks!).

This year I am actually watching it with no clue on who is singing what. It’s always ‘nobodies’ (aka relatively unknown artists) but most years I tend to hear some songs before the big night. Not this time; I’m going in blind… or deaf…

The best and worst thing is when songs are so ‘Eurovision’ it’s painful; any song which is about world peace and love/hope for the future falls under this category, like a taste of 1970’s hippy dippy shhhh-stuff is going to win favours. To be fair they get WAY more points than the UK ever does but still, they never win.

My favourite past songs have to be:

Jedward for Ireland – Lipstick


Sertab Erener for Turkey – Everywhere that I can

Ell and Nikki for Azerbaijan – Running scared

Lena for Germany – Satellite


To cap it off I’m totally backing this guy:

Hovi Star

Photo of Hovi Star

Mostly because his eyeliner was FABULOUS!




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