Currently Watching // TV shows part 2

It’s that time again. I did this a few months ago so I decided to update the list!

I’ve been dawdling between a few shows of late. Watching some passively and then some obsessively like a real TV pro.

My current passive shows are:


I’m on season 5 and, whilst I watched 1-4 like my life depended on it, I don’t find this season particularly gripping. Dexter has become a character I loathe. You might think that’s a strange thing to say; like it’s a surprise a serial killer would be loathsome, but with Dexter his whole story line and character progression was going so well and season 5 saw the writers pull the rug and send him sprawling back to season 1 which is just ANNOYING! I’m going to finish it soon just to get it over with but it’s kind of blah right now!



I’m still on the latest season – I took a break to wait for the whole season to be available because I hate watching week to week so I think I have several episiodes in the bank. I’m going to be binge watching soon, for sure. The latest season might be my favourite so far because every character has come into their own!


Brooklyn Nine-Nine

OK, so I actually watched this in 1 week… all 3 series. I’m now waiting for the newest season like everyone else! This is a show I have seen in passing so many times but I sat down and watched it and there’s no going back. I LOVE IT. It’s laugh-out-loud funny and, might I say, possibly better than Scrubs (OK, maybe not the first 3 seasons…).


Orphan Black

It’s back!! I LOVE this show; every time I watch it I’m forced to sling on my leather jacket and use excessive amounts of black eyeliner. So far I’ve watched the first 3 episodes of season 4 and I have two banked so I’m looking forward to catching up. Just when you think there’s no where for them to go they smack a new clone in the midst!



This is the show I’m absolutely hooked on at the moment. I watch it before work, I watch it on my lunch break, I watch it after work… I can’t help it. It’s amazing! I am worried I’m coming to the end of season 2 but at least I know there’s a 3rd season on the way! I’m craving the hair styles as much as the zombies crave brains, ok?


I am pretty sure that’s it at the moment but I’ve just started Powers so there will be a new instalment of this in a couple of months no doubt!



4 thoughts on “Currently Watching // TV shows part 2

  1. These are some of my favorites! I’m a little shocked that you don’t like season 4 of Dexter. 3 and 4 are my favorites. I just loved Jon Lithgow so much that season. I realllly need to get into Grimm, it seems like something I would totally love. And you reminded me I need to catch up on Orphan Black!

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    1. Yes, get on Grimm!! It took me a few years to go back to it after watching the first few episodes and not being able to get into it but now I’m hooked!
      For me John Lithgow ruined it. I’m still devastated about Rita!!!! 😭


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