Body Image

It feels like it’s been a while since I did a blog post about something ‘real’ rather than something frivolous and so here we are!

I wanted to talk about body image because I have recently rewatched Meghan Tonjes’s videos about body image and she recently released this new one:

And let me tell you how much her videos speak to me.

I’ve just come back from Dubrovnik (I’m sure you know!) and nothing makes you think more about your body/figure/fat distribution than going away, am I right?

It irks me that I often feel so confident in my own skin that I still look at other people and wonder what it would be like to be as thin as them, or what it would be like to wear particular clothes and not feel ergh. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not all the time, but it is enough for me to want to write about it.

If you watch Meghan’s video you’ll hopefully feel better about it all. I was actually running today (back out on the streets, it hurts!) and I ran past both people slimmer than me and larger than me. I couldn’t help but laugh at the thought that I was there looking at the slimmer people with a little bit of envy knowing that, perhaps, someone larger than me might have looked at me in the same light. I mean, I’m not thinking that as a realistic thing but it’s a possibility, y’know? And I know if someone actually said it to my face I’d tell them that they are fine the way they are and your body is a journey and everyone’s is different. Life is strange, eh?

It also got me thinking about selfies and why I’ll never look at a picture someone’s taken of themselves and think badly of them. I do it. I take pictures of myself when I feel like my makeup is good or I feel like I look kind of pretty. That’s not bad, that’s confidence and wanting to document confidence is good. I guess I just wanted to let you know that bodies are different and there are worse things than people looking at you, or you looking at yourself, and hearing the words ‘FAT’. You are more than the meat popsicle you’re travelling around in!

So here are some pictures I took of myself recently which remind me I sometimes have good body image days!



2 thoughts on “Body Image

  1. I actually really enjoyed reading this because I guess I feel the exact same way. It’s not like I think I’m ugly or think I’m fat. I don’t! And most of the time I look in the mirror and I’m happy with my body. But then I cannot say I am 100% confident at the beach for example, because I’m not… I am always worried I’m not looking as I should, even though I am absolutely certain I would tell someone with my body they were gorgeous! So I totally feel you!!

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