Visiting Dubrovnik [Croatia]

You may or may not have realised but I took a quick break from ALL social media and this lil’ blog recently to go off on my friend, Megan’s, hen do.

We jetted off to Dubrovnik, in Croatia, where they film loads of stuff for Game of Thrones [geek alert!] and holy moly that place is gorgeous!

I figured I’d do a quick blog post just to talk about the fact I’d gone away and the photos from the trip will come later [because my other computer with my editing software is being an pain in the ass] so just hang in there!

Mostly I wanted to talk about how lovely the place is – if you have watched GoT you’ll recognise the city as King’s Landing. The old city with teracotta roof tops which curves around crystal blue water; castles, towers and narrow streets are just some of the features which awards this place one of my top 3 locations I’ve ever been to. The fact it only took 3 hours to get there, as well, is amazing. 20160505_124833.jpg20160505_182533.jpg

Now, I’ve talked about doing things that scare you before and I have to say I did pretty well on the trip. Not only did I successfully spend a lot of time with people I didn’t know very well [social anxiety can suck it!] I also kept my cool when I was flying and went on a DAMN HIGH cable car down a mountain.

not my image [Source]
I’m going to be posting a load of pictures soon if you’re interested in looking at them and I’m writing a little piece on the GoT tour we went on… more on that later.

Have you ever been to Croatia? I feel cheated that no one told me about how beautiful it was sooner!



ps. I’m aware Project 365 has fallen off the radar. It will be back soon!


7 thoughts on “Visiting Dubrovnik [Croatia]

  1. That’s so nice! I’ve never been there but I’ve heard it’s amazing and I recently saw photos from a friend on her Facebook (she also used GoT references eheh) – btw I can’t wait to see a new episode tonight!

    I feel a bit ashamed to say this… but, I don’t know why, I thought you were in the U.S. and when reading this post I realized that’s impossible if you’re only 3 hours away from Croatia 😀

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    1. I can’t wait for the new episode either; I hope I spot somewhere I’ve been now! haha!
      Don’t be ashamed – I think I put off an American vibe because I watch so much American TV (for me there’s nothing worse that British TV!) but I’m from the UK! 😛

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  2. So happy you got to go there. Gonna tell Ryan we need to add this place to the list! Plus, he is going to make me watch GoT soon as I have never got to it yet.

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