New Flat Tour!


I’ve been in my new place for just over a week now and, whilst we have some furniture in the rest of the place is still pretty bare. Still, there’s no point not posting pictures now – at least I’ll have something to compare it to when we have everything just the way we want it!

I apologise at how many pictures there are; and they aren’t great quality but hey, ho!

The exciting entrance! This is going to be dolled up with a table, a huge plant and pictures! Right now the whole place is BLANK!
Yeah, I cleaned up for you.. sure. OK, I didn’t. This is just the TV and sofa section – we’ve divided the room up to utilise space!
Say hello to my chesterfield! I love this sofa!
Throw blanket and cushions are everything! I have just thrown some cushions from my bed on here for now but we’re going to have a mixture of colours and patterns!
See! Blank! We’re going to have a tall multi shelved table somewhere with loads of plants. We can’t have plants on the ground due to underfloor heating so we’ll have to get creative!
My living room book shelf ABOVE the doors -swanky, I know!
Juno in her normal seat! This chair is going to stay in this corner with a tall lamp and will be our reading nook!
Look how she plays up to the camera. This is her ‘feel sorry for me’ look – she’s fine, she’s just a drama queen. Where those boxes are will eventually have a dining table! Adult points=10!
My cute kitchen! Not my ice cream, I swear!
I think I lost the adult points with fridge magnets but I don’t even care!
Cute message from my boyfriend!
Yes, that IS a whale shaped bread board. Best buy!
Eventually this will be filled with herb plants!
I’m all about jars but I also LOVE my Whisky decanter – currently stocking 12 year old single malt.
My cool vase is being overshadowed by these gorgeous flowers my friend bought me.
Um so yes my cook books might be leaning towards bakery books but I have real books in storage. I swear…
If there’s one thing I need it’s a decent kettle and coffee machine. I’m, mostly, fuelled by hot drinks!
Look at my fancy bathroom – to be honest, this was part of the reason I bought the place… it’s like a damn hotel!
Fancy shower area – look at these tiles!
I can’t even show you this room yet so just look at the shelving. This is going to be our office but at the moment it’s ‘crap storage’…
Ignore the mess; just look at this built in wardrobe/dresser. At some point I’ll find a place for everything…
Don’t mind me; being all cute and stuff! I’m actually planning on putting a salt rock lamp here so this little thing will need to find a new place to sit.
Sometimes I wish I could have a perfectly made bed but Juno has other plans. See last pictures!
View from my bedroom; although you can see the other buildings when I’m in bed I can only see the tops of the trees and it’s heaven.
Yep; no bed is safe.
She plays it cute but she literally waits until I make the bed and then jumps up and pulls all the covers off. I can’t even be mad because she’s so damn cute!

So there it is – all the bare bones of it! I can’t wait to find bits of furniture and things to go on the walls! If you have any cool places to shop for home stuff (or can recommend cool people on Etsy) just let me know!



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