How to life hack health!

If, like me, you struggle to keep consistent with your attempts at ‘health’ I feel for you.

Life is hard enough without those dreaded ‘5 portions of fruit and veg a day’ hanging over your head. How does anyone have time to be THAT healthy when Netflix has SO many shows to watch?

OK, I’m only joking a little bit.

I have always liked to try to be healthier; working out more, thinking about the food I’m putting into my body, cutting back on sugar [wah!] but I admit it’s hard. Really hard.

Over the past few days I’ve stopped having caffeine – for those who know me IRL [dig it.] you’ll know that’s a big deal. I am not, in any circumstances, cutting it out for good. I made that mistake with sweets; my will power is so good that I haven’t eaten sweets in 8 years, guys! I won’t let coffee and tea suffer because of my stubborness [though I do actually LOVE decaf so it’s not like I’ve gone nuts]!

Anyway, I digress, the reason I starting thinking about healthy stuff is because I’ve switched up coffee and tea for my other favourite drink; Hot water with lemon.


For me, being healthy is a mind set you can jolt yourself into. It’s a trick you get to play on yourself. I promise, it works. I used to hate tomatoes but when I realised how good they are for you I decided I liked them and now I think I actually love them. I’ve done this with loads of foods just because it was necessary. Now I’ve switched up to lemon water I’ve mentally shifted gears into HEALTH MODE.

Every time I have a cup I have something else with it – fruit. It’s like a ritual and I’m loving it. When I make a cup I grab a bowl and fill it with fruit. That’s probably the hardest part; buying fruit but you SHOULD. I always have bananas on hand but grapes and blueberries are my go-to and I actually consider tangerines a treat. I don’t eat chocolate so I need something to fill that gap!


So if you struggle to eat healthy things set up a little ritual. Drink something healthy and pair it with a healthy snack; it’s really not that hard and it’s delish.


Sorry if this is all preachy-preachy; I don’t mean to be all BE HEALTHY, DON’T DO DRUGS [OK, I stand by the last part] but it makes me feel SO much better when I know I’ve eaten fruit and veg instead of chocolate etc.

Let me know how you sneak in those portions!


4 thoughts on “How to life hack health!

  1. I love lemon and hot water!
    And this winter, even though I’ve been in a big slump, I’ve managed to have either raspberries, blueberries, blackberries or strawberries (or a combination of the 4) everyday. This became consistent for me when I watched this documentary about what happens to the body when you don’t have enough produce.
    And I’m all about them berries. I also have frozen berries because I know frozen fruit and veg have more of their original nutrients. It’s only when I have access to my dad’s garden that I don’t buy frozen fruit and veg.

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    1. Mmmm berries!! I try to have them everyday too! I love frozen fruit because it’s great in smoothies but frozen veg is never as good as fresh over here! I still buy it, though! Haha!!


      1. I kind of get the more expensive frozen veg which also has barley and black beans in it and slight seasoning– it’s an asian mix one and me and Ryan are obsessed with it

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