Exploring Local Areas!


If you’re anything like me you might realise you follow the same routes every day. We’re all creatures of habit, right? You walk the same paths, drive the same roads [unless you’re a travellin’ man or something…] and see the same things.

Now the weather is getting better I’m getting out more and trying to explore areas I’ve been to LOADS of times but haven’t really seen. If that makes sense?

Basically, instead of doing my normal walk today I went off piste and found some new routes. I also found a little riverside beach I’d never noticed before and found the local cemetery is SO much bigger than I originally thought. From my viewpoint from the little beach I saw the cemetery opened up to another path – naturally I went exploring. Due to the weather being a bit damp I couldn’t go too far due to mud [lots and lots of mud!] but now I know it’s there I’m looking forward to more explorations.

Without further ado; some pictures!




“Blessed is the man that feareth the Lord: he shall delight exeedingly in his commandments.” 



3 thoughts on “Exploring Local Areas!

  1. Yep – it makes sense! Most of the time we just want to get home and we forgot to appreciate what’s around us. We miss on so much… It’s really nice that you’re making an effort to change that in your daily life 🙂

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