The Wander Society // Book ‘review’


Despite being busy all week with moving into my new place I can’t lie… I’ve not been too busy to read. I’m almost two books down in just a few days so GO ME! Having time to read is really important to me – I’m never without at least one book on the go and I normally don’t feel the need to ‘review’ any of them but this book was different.

The Wander Society [by the Wreck This Journal creatress Keri Smith] is a book that has both reaffirmed and changed the way I look at life. All this from a book I read in pretty much one day.


I don’t actually want to go into too much detail about the book because I think you should find it for yourself [an almost rule, if you will, regarding wandering], however, what I will say is that it’s fantastically magical and mysterious enough to be called a CLASSIC in my opinion.

The book is a detailed account of Keri’s journey into the realm of The Wander Society – a secret society she stumbled upon one day which took over her life but in a really good way!

Not only is the book beautifully designed but it’s filled with so many fresh ideas about how we look at the world and life and just clicks in with so many ideas in my brain.

To be honest I was a part of this society before I even knew about it but now I do know about it I’m going to do something about it.

Until you read the book this post might not make any sense but this is basically just me gushing about how I’ve finally found a group I can be a part of but don’t actually have to be a part of it.

Have I annoyed you with my vagueness yet?

If you fancy picking it up you can from almost any and every book store around [for added fun you can shop via my affiliate link for the BOOK DEPOSITORY  – transparency set to 100% = I DO get commission if you use the link!].

I recommend it if you don’t like the idea of living a confined life which rotates around working and making money just for the sake of it. If you have grand ideas about actually living life for yourself and enjoying the world outside of the corporate crap that is pumped into us since birth this might be the book for you. Just sayin’.

Solvitur ambulando!


On a side note I felt an even greater pull to this book due to my almost obsessive love of the tarot card ‘the wanderer’/ ‘the fool’ – some things feel like they’re just meant to be. more on tarot in the future!



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