Falling off the wagon

I lost my OM!

I did it. I fell off the wagon.

Although I haven’t broken any promises to myself regarding Yoga I was doing so well and practising every day though January to March. I then got ill at the start of April and what with all the stress of moving I neglected my body.

Let me tell you. I feel it. Or the lack of it.

When people say Yoga makes you feel good they aren’t lying. It’s not necessarily that it makes you super fit and strong straight away but it does make you feel better mentally. If you can learn to enjoy the stillness of your mind and the stretching of your body it’s amazing.

The promise I made myself to keep up with it is still ongoing. I know I’ve taken a step back but I know I’m going to take a step forward again. I have a bit of a summer series on the back burner regarding yoga and all things zen and thoughtful and hippy-ish but until then I’m going to try to make small steps towards getting my OM back!

Let me know if you practise; how do you get out of a slump?



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