Thoughts on moving

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One day soon I won’t mention the laborious task of moving house and I’ll pepper you with posts about decorating and/or feng shui but for now…

In all seriousness moving house is the ‘most stressful time of your life’ and I, for one, thought I’d be the exception. How many other people out there thought that? I have a feeling pretty much everyone ever who was born into this world, was raised to fear change and then was determined to be the person who walked through a house sale like a zen master.

I feel like a fool. I am SO not a stressful person but for the past few months I feel like I’ve been so tightly wound as soon as everything is done I’ll collapse or get really sick because my body will have nothing left to fight against.

The best/ worst part of all of this has been the past few days where I’ve been boxing things up. There have been a few revelations.

One is that I own a lot of books. Two is that I own a lof of Buffy books [a whole GIANT box full and my god I can’t wait to re-read them all and tell you about them!] and Three; I keep a lot of stuff I don’t need.

That last one needs clarification; I’m a slight hoarder in that I like to keep ‘memories’ but the things I found were insane. A huge collection of random key chains, a whole collection of my old mobile phones, trinkets from previous room changes I’ve had and a multitude of photographs I forgot I had.

That last part is the good part. Whilst boxing everything up is time consuming and depressing [it’s so hard to say goodbye to so many things but it has to be done] I have re-discovered so many things I forgot I had squirrelled away. A lot of the photographs I’m keeping because they’re from when I was a kid but I forgot I had a load from my old photography class that I wanted to frame. I am finally at that stage in my life where I will be able to have my own pictures framed in my own home. That’s a big step in life, right?

Oh and finally I found I had a few wallet sized pictures of people; namely David Boreanaz from Buffy and Rupert Grint from Harry Potter… I think the last one was for a joke but I’ve kept it because. Well. I’ve always had a soft spot for red-heads!

Wish me luck for the big move and please feel free to give me moving tips!!



4 thoughts on “Thoughts on moving

  1. I’m planning moving house myself sometime this summer. I have a feeling it’ll be a process with all my stuff. I wish I had tips, but good luck with everything!

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