Your Zen Life

Your Zen Life

Have you ever found a website inspiring? I know I have; I used to spend hours on the official Buffy website [leave me alone, I still love Buffy and there’s a future post to prove it!] as well as the countless hours I’d spend on Mugglenet as a teen it’s fair to say I’ve had my fair share of website crushes.

In recent years HelloGiggles has been one of those crushes. It used to be a website I strived to write for and, to be fair, I’d still love it if I could get something published there but I actually find the amount of posts on the site to be too overwhelming [like a female Buzz Feed] so my love affair is currently in a tail spin.

One site I’ve always been glued to, though, is Your Zen Life. I’ve talked about YZL before, as well as one of the co-founders Teresa Palmer [someone I like to pretend to know personally but just to myself because that’s less weird right?], and the site has just had a MASSIVE re-launch with a whole new vibe and I’M LOVING IT.


Being Zen is something I strive for. It happens sometimes and other times I lose it; it’s life, y’know, you can’t keep up with everything and sometimes you lose balance. This website always makes me feel like I’m closer to my internal zen master.

There are plenty of articles to be read and the community is fabulous, they also take submissions for posts so if you’re interested in writing for them you should go over and say hi! I’ve had one article published in the past and hope to have more at some point!

I felt like I should share the site with you because it’s one I often linger on just for the sense of peace it gives me!




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