PROJECT 365: DAYS 103-110

Last week was quite a week and full of highs and lows – I tried my best to capture the days despite not really feeling like it. Sometimes real life is just too real.

Despite the bummer I’ve just delivered please find my week in pictures below:

This might not be a big deal to most but for me this was a milestone; 3 miles in just under 27 minutes! The picture of my treadmill does say 27 minutes but that’s because it took a few seconds to come to a stop so I could capture the moment. I’ll be back out on the roads in no time.


The weekly pictures wouldn’t be complete without a moody sky shot. I’ll miss these views!


OK, I’ll admit the next picture isn’t one I’ve taken but it was important in my week. Harry Potter has always been there when times are tough and Dumbledore, in particular, was a much needed character ❤


The fact you can’t see anything here is hilarious because I had a HUGE purple bruise from Samurai class. Being sluggish is not great in general and it only gets you hit when you’re in class! FYI the bruise is now huge and yellow!


One of my most favourite finds. This little fella was lying on the ground next to someone’s house. It was by chance I spotted him so I popped him back in the bushes so he could keep up his war games in his camo gear. Hopefully his unit finds him!


I was so happy to get this shot, though it might not really mean anything to anyone else. I see these kids every weekend waiting in my village to see the fancy cars that drive through [it’s a fancy place], and whilst they were snapping away I snapped them instead. To see young kids so interested in something is nice!


Grown up times. Tonight I was doing research on HOME INSURANCE. Guys, this is a scary change but I’m kind of excited. I figured I’d take a picture to document the fact I was doing adult-based-research. Look at me go!


I’ve had a lot on my plate over the past week and this week and next will also be manic but what can you do? You only move into your first place once!



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