Collaborations & Community

Blogging is all about being part of a social network of like-minded people. It’s a lovely virtual water-cooler where you can ‘meet’ people and share ideas and generally feel like you’re not alone in liking copper lighting and succulents growing in and around plastic dinosaur figures. Gold Dinosaur Tillandsia Planter // Air Plant by Alycepaul on Etsy, $15.00:

I’ve recently shouted up about bloggers I love and a few of them are actually people I would now consider friends [awww group hug] and I’m looking into other ways I can collaborate with other like-minded people so hopefully big things will be happening here soon!

I’ve recently signed up to Affiliate; a website which links you up to business and places where you can monetise [which isn’t a huge goal but would be nice to have some extra cash!] at the same time as promoting products you LOVE! There’s more coming on this in a future blog, I promise, but until then you can wait with bated breath.


In the meantime don’t forget to link up with me on Instagram, Twitter or my BRAND NEW SHINY FACEBOOK PAGE!









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