Silicone free shampoo

You may or may not have heard about the ‘no poo’ trend. I tried it for a few weeks; it basically just implies you won’t use shampoo to wash your hair [because it strips your natural oils] but either use home made shampoo which consists of baking soda or something and a few other ingredients or you just wet your hair and hope that does the trick.

I would love to say I made my own shampoo but I didn’t. I didn’t even look up any on Pinterest! [I know, whaaaat?]. Instead I just didn’t use anything and then added oil to my hair after the shower, alternating washes between that and putting a blonde treatment on my hair… basically my hair didn’t look greasy but it didn’t feel the best.

I scrapped the ‘no poo’ gig after a few weeks and went back to normal shampoo and conditioner routine [with oil after everything] but then I started to hear about the silicone free thing people were doing. My girl Raquel, from Luxurious Skin, actually inspired me to do this and she literally just posted a blog/ youtube video about it. She’s my inspiration!

Silicone in shampoo and conditioner [usually seen as any ingredient which ends ‘cone’] can be damaging to your hair. There are some pros in that it makes your hair smooth and shiny looking BUT from what I can tell [and from my own hair experience] those silicones are actually masking the real condition of your hair.

I bleach so my hair is SO dry. When I use normal shampoo and conditioner I can get it to look OK but my hair doesn’t feel good. At all. Silicone coats the follicle and then, if you apply heat, the product is baked into the hair which means your actual hair can’t breath! As someone on a journey of self-discovery and self-care [read: concious of leading a non-healthy life] I did some digging and decided to purchase the Lush Curly Wurly shampoo which is full of good oil and coconut and gives your hair something to drink rather than making your hair dehydrated.

Yes we re-use pictures on this blog. OK?!

I’ve been talking about this product since I got it and figured I’d do a post-purchase review. I’ve had it since the 27th March and MY HAIR FEELS AMAZING!

My previous post describes my washing technique; it’s SO easy it’s insane.


I don’t faff with lathering my hair up and then spending ages trying to wash it out. I don’t then battle with adding conditioner which then takes a year to wash out [my hair hates letting go]. I just add a scoop of shampoo, do a quick scrub [which takes 5 minutes if I’m feeling fancy] and then I GET OUT OF THE SHOWER.

Guys. Look, I can’t preach about this stuff any more than I already have. It’s saved the condition of my hair. Everyone who touches it says it’s soft. I have no complaints.

So try it. Tell me what you think. Do you use silicone or are you sil-free, baby?



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