Heat Free Hair Curling

If you follow me on Instagram I often post pictures of myself with curls in my hair and I’d say roughly 90% of the time those curls are heat free. I get a few questions from different people on how I achieve them because, even have to admit, sometimes they look pretty good.

The first thing you need to understand is everyone had different hair. I know you know this. You know I know you know this but it just has to be said. My hair naturally wants to be curly and hates being straight, though due to the length of it at the moment the curls are hard to come by without a little bit of [easy] elbow grease.

I start by washing my hair with a good shampoo. Now there will be a blog post about this tomorrow but for now you just need to know I am only using shampoo at the moment and it’s silicone free but my hair did this with just the normal shampoo/conditioner treatment I used to do so you’re fine!

The Shampoo:


Once shampoo’d my hair comes out with its natural messy curl:


But I don’t let it rest because I JUST DON’T! It’s literally a head full of tangles.

So I use this:


Until I get this:


I haven’t been using conditioner so at this point I do two pumps of my hair oil:


The next step is just to blow dry. I always blow dry my hair straight because it’s easier than trying to use the hairdryer to make my hair curly. Ain’t nobody got time for that. So I’m left with this:


Ignore the ends because I NEED A HAIR CUT IMMEDIATELY.

The next step is obviously the most pivotal part because this is where you need to act fast.

Your hair is warm after you blow dry it and it’s the time your hair is the most pliable for styling. You need to get your hair into the shape you want so it cools and sets; you know, like when you use a soldering iron and accidentally stick the solder to the table because it’s gone cold..?

Anywaaaay… I now twist my hair into a ponytail at the base of my neck; twisting the hair until it coils up into a bun:


(It’s hard taking a picture of the back of your head..!)

Finally you can snap a bobble on that thang!



The last part is up to you. I usually wash my hair at night and then sleep with the bun because I lie on my front like a crazy person. When I wake up my hair has set perfectly. You can also do this in the morning and leave it in a bun for a few hours until it’s cooled. You can also cheat. If it’s not a hair washing day you can just wet the ends of your hair with cold water; squeeze the water from your hair with a towel and then put it in a bun until it’s dry!

It’s a ‘practice makes perfect’ kind of thing. By the end of it I have this:


Which I then rub a little more oil (1 pump) through so it’s looser:



Because I enjoy the messier look. The nice thing is that if you then put your hair up you have cute pony tail curls!

Hairspray to set, obviously, unless you’re like me and never have any; in which case you should just accept that hair is hair and you can’t control everything so it’s FINE!



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