PROJECT 365: DAYS 96-102

This past week has been both good and bad. Lots of stresses with regards to moving house but at the moment I’m feeling like it’s all going ok so here are some pictures!



Tuesday was my 7 year anniversary with my boyfriend which I wrote a soppy post about here! It’s nice to be able to document that. I always keep cards from him because I’m a total hoarder but a virtual documentation is good just because seven years. It’s just crazy!


The day after the storm. So to speak. Work was really busy recently so when I get home and it’s SUNNY I go out in the garden to unwind and chase the pup around. Look at how glorious it is! Despite the noise from the road hidden over the hill it’s nice to look out at the fields. Garden’s are one of my most favourite places to be because I’m an outside dog.


You’ll never NOT have a puppy picture on this blog because I love Juno’s face so much. If you want to read more about her click here! I’m sure I’ll write about her again at some point. I always feel like I’ve won when she zonks out on the sofa because normally she’s none stop running!


Nothing like noticing these bad boys to make you realise how much we rely on electricity and everything. You can’t look anywhere without seeing pylons and whilst I love technology and communication it makes me sad to think this is the countryside and we’re still linked up like the matrix.


I’m not even sorry. Look at this beast! I was out on Saturday night and didn’t even take any pictures and I don’t know why! It’s crazy! It was one of those ‘I’m having a good time so I forgot’ moments. Sunday was one of those aftermath days where you wake up, work out and then eat pancakes. I think Juno decided the same thing here. Sunday’s are my ultimate favourite day.


And finally a little sneak peek at tomorrows blog post because sometimes I’m an adult and I plan things!


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