Treasure hunting

Inspired by the queen of blogs The Dainty Squid (aka Kaylah) I made my recent walk with the pup a treasure hunt for nice things.

It’s something I love seeing on other people’s blogs; finding things in the real world which are overlooked and put them somewhere they’ll be noticed thus fulfilling their life destiny… or something…

The walk I go on is through the countryside. Literally. Stomping through fields is something I do quite well; in another life I think I was a cow <insert udderly amoosing jokes here>.

First up I noticed there are MILLIONS of dandelions everywhere at the moment. I didn’t pick them all because I had to leave them for the bees [hashtag save the bees, right?] but I did take a few and made a little bunch in a thorny bush which otherwise looked a bit mean and nasty. I would have done more but I was worried about them damn bees!


One of the things I like about Kaylah’s blog is that she finds stones and glass at her local beach [I’ll do this at some point but my local beach is about 2 hours away!] and leaves them in places for other people to find. It’s adorable!

As I walked with the pup I kept my eyes peeled for anything fun on the ground but my first trip up the dirt road I was on didn’t produce anything until I spotted a small shard of green glass. That seemed to open my eyes to what was all around me.

It’s funny how much you don’t notice and then when you do notice you can’t stop. So here are a few of the nicer things I found on my treasure hunt and here’s where I left them.

excuse my REALLY dry hands. It’s a thing at the moment. 


Loved this one. It was a bit like raw agate [thought I doubt it actually was!]

Hopefully someone will find them and enjoy the collection I put together. Now I know where to look I have no doubt I’ll be picking things up every walk I go on! Consider the can of worms officially open!



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