There are seven deadly sins, seven heavens, seven days in a week, seven colours in a rainbow, seven seas, seven wonders of the world, seven eleven, seven up, seven of nine, seven brides for seven brothers, the seventh seal, the seven year itch, seven pounds, seven dragon balls, seven everything in Harry Potter, the secret seven, seven daughters of atlas, an I’ve been in a relationship with the boyfriend for seven whole years (as of 05/04).
Yes this is a sappy post but it’s also necessary to document it. This year we are finally moving in together so maybe it might be our last year together (just kidding, duh!), but in all seriousness how scary to think I’m old enough to be in a long term relationship. If it were hogwarts I would have just graduated… Yep. I went there. And I’m actually going there later this month for the studio tour so… This segwayed nicely. Stay tuned, kids.


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