PROJECT 365: DAYS 88-95

I guess it’s safe to say I’m doing terribly with pictures at the moment. I blame this chesty cough/ sinus inflammation which is killing me. I honestly struggle to make it through the day so taking pictures isn’t a huge priority. Getting there, though.

Here are a few, anyway!


A friend sent me this picture and I am now determined to buy this t-shirt. I’m hoping it’s PJ’s, though, because if it came as a set I’d be a happy bunny. Right now Yoga is also on the back burner because I can hardly breath sitting up so…


I always notice things most people don’t look at. This street is all cute and stuff (when it’s not grey and dullsville) but what I like even more is all the wires linking the buildings. I don’t know why.


Weather to hang washing out. How old-woman is that? It was actually warm on Saturday. I’m not going to lie; I lay on the patio for a while watching the washing in the wind because I need to be in the sun at all times. I’m like a plant.


Cute flower alert! Saw these growing at the bottom of my garden – I love them. No idea what they are but they’re just there looking all pretty.


I’ll pick this back up soon and start taking real pictures of things. I’m hoping this illness gives up on me soon because it’s the worst. THE WORST!




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