Guitars are my Achilles heel. Some people go shopping and fight the urge to buy more shoes or bags but I have to fight the urge to buy guitars. I love them. I’m not going to pretend I know a lot about them because I don’t but I know the feel of them. You can pick up a guitar and not feel anything, it’s just a curved piece of wood in your hands and then you can pick up a guitar that feels riiiiight, man.

For the past year or so I’ve been holding off  buying an electric acoustic Taylor Mini. Every time I go to a music shop I take one down and have a little play of it because even though I don’t play well it still sounds good. It’s the guitar my hands need but I keep having to not buy it because ARGH MONEY and stuff.

I also already own a couple of guitars, a guitalele and a bog standard ukelele so having another isn’t really necessary and yet I feel like it is.

I just basically wanted to share it with you because I love this guitar and one day it will be mine!






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