PROJECT 365: DAYS 81-87

You know I’m sure I’m counting the days wrong but at this point in my life it doesn’t really matter!

I’ve been out for the count this past week so not many pictures have been taken – the view was always the same. The TV. The couch. Bed.

So here are a few from last week. I tried my best, ok?



The view from my car window; I drove to the chemist and it was raining like a bitch. Kind of matched my mood but I have to say I’m the person who goes out without an umbrella because I LOVE the rain. Maybe that’s why I got ill…?


Nothing like going for a walk and, after watching too many episodes of Dexter, assume you’re not going to make it home alive. I live in a place where you can go off the beaten track and find yourself alone in the middle of the woods instantly. At one point on this walk I found myself in the middle of a field walking towards a tractor – watching it the entire time assuming someone must be sitting in the driver’s seat, waiting to run me over. They weren’t. It was empty… which was scarier. Suffice to say I ran through the rest of the field.


I took the plunge and drove on the motorway just to get this stuff. OK, not just to get it but that was part of my plan. My incentive. I could have got the train into the city centre but I was a big girl and climbed a mountain and now my hair is SO SOFT.


Easter. My family has a thing about over-indulging on chocolate. I’m sure we’re not the only ones!


Today marks the last day I will be working on this story. I planned to finish it last weekend but was so ill I couldn’t bring myself to do anything except hit ‘play’ on Netflix. I’m now over my target word count, which is brilliant but I will have to edit down, and soon my first short of this series will be done! Keep a look out for publishing announcements!


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