PROJECT 365: DAYS 73-80

I missed my posting day yesterday. Had it all queued up and then was so ill I couldn’t even bring myself to log onto my computer and post it; so I took a day off from everything. Blogging, yoga, writing… the first day this year I haven’t done yoga and at least one of the other things! It felt both good and bad to drop all the balls I’m trying to juggle…

Onwards and upwards…


As spring settles in you’ll find my pictures take on a very sky/tree-based theme. I’m sorry, I can’t help it. I’m one of those people who stops to look up when there are nice clouds and I often point out ‘favourite’ trees because I love them. I have a pinterest board just for them…


The above are some of my favourite trees- willows that guard the entrance to a house I no longer treat as a second home. I don’t miss the house but I do miss these trees. I took a little walk down the road and had to snap a picture. This road actually has a few of my most favourite trees… I have a local list, ok?


Duck, Duck, Goose… because that’s original. Went for a walk in the grounds of the office I work in. We have some pretty aggressive geese on site. They do kind of scare me but I stared them down like Steve Irwin.


Another wild-life shot from work. We have MILLIONS of tiny rabbits on site. This was was the smallest thing ever. Seeing them makes me wish I had pet rabbits again because they are cute as anything and these ones are braaaave. Standing a foot away and she didn’t even flinch. (I decided she was a she. We’ll call her Mabel).


I did a recent make-up review and this was the first picture I took after ‘sculpting’ my cheek bones. I know I look like a supermodel you don’t even need to say it!


The sunsets are starting to cast lovely yellow and orange colours through the house. I’m literally never happier than when the weather is sweet.


Obligatory pup picture. Does anyone else’s dog give them the cold shoulder? Juno has a habit of blaming me for something (usually hurting her when she’s done it to herself) and then refusing to go near me or look at me. She likes to punish me and then come creeping back after a few hours when she realised I feed her.




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