L’Oreal Infallible Sculpt // Makeup Review

I recently signed up to a site called Bzz Agent which is a site where you can volunteer for campaigns to review products. It’s pretty damn cool; so long as you get accepted. I’ve been rejected from a few because I don’t have a huge following on any of my social media outlets but they finally let me do one and I was really excited to give it a whirl.


The product is L’Oreal Infallible Sculpt (which L’Oreal sent me for free!); a contour kit available from most drug stores for a pretty decent price!

I’ve never contoured before because I don’t wear a lot of makeup. I never even wear foundation because I just don’t need it so this was a fun review to do! (I don’t think I’ve worn foundation since I did my make-up artist course!)

First up there is the Infallible Sculpt Foundation.20160319_113610.jpg I really like this product – it’s light weight and very liquidy which is perfect for me because I don’t like a lot of coverage (so probably not great for people who like a thick layer of base). I actually applied it with my hands because I’m a deviant. I prefer to use my hands when I’m doing my own makeup so I can feel what’s going on! I used one pump and it was enough to cover my entire face so that was great. This product will last a long time if you are only wanting that one layer. It goes on smoothly and my skin absorbed it like moisturiser so it’s not sitting on my skin at all, it’s lovely. The only downside is the colour. I got the palest (01 Light) but it’s still too warm for my skin tone. If it was a shade or two lighter it would be perfect! [this retails at £8.99]

Next is the Infallible Sculpt Contour Palette.20160319_113622.jpg 

This is a cream-based contour and it’s really soft to the touch. I used my hands to apply again but you’d probably be good with a brush or sponge! I just like to touch things… I’m weird like that. The colour, again, was too warm for me I think, but it blends really well. I actually had to apply two layers of contour because my first blend went a little too well! The highlighter could be a bit more highlighted but if you apply a highlighting powder over the top it absorbs well enough. To be fair it’s probably a good thing; the kit helps create a really natural contour. Nothing about these products is heavy so I liked it a lot but the colour wasn’t for me. I also don’t think this product will last as long as the foundation because you can really go to town with it. [This retails at £9.99].

Finally there is the Infallible Blush Trio.

20160319_113615.jpgIt’s a blush that is split into three so if you have a tiny brush you could use them separately, but I don’t know why you would. I did use the lightest part to highlight my cheek bones and then I swirled the whole palette around with my brush and dusted my cheeks and temples because GOOD LORD does this product drop a lot. One dust and you get a sahara sand storm of blusher all over you! I would have loved it if this blusher if I’d have been sent one of the other shades (I got Nude Beige) as this one is quite orange. If I’d have been able to get my hands on the Soft Rosy it would have been better!  The lighter and darker parts equally highlight and contour as they should so the orange in the middle of Nude Beige is just too pigmented (for me) to do any good! As the rest of the kit is light and natural this part let it down for me!

Without further ado; the final look:


Look at dem cheekbones, though! If I was going for a night out I would actually wear this with a nice red lip for a classic 1940’s inspired makeup because the products blend so well you get a nice diffused femme fatale look! Well that’s how I feel, anyway.

All in all great affordable product that would last a long time but the colour options aren’t the best. We need more makeup for pale people, stat!





5 thoughts on “L’Oreal Infallible Sculpt // Makeup Review

    1. Yay! thanks for commenting! You should check them out; I was looking for places to find items for reviewing [you don’t have to do it on a blog because you can just instagram it] and Bzz Agent is quite simple, you just have to wait for good things to come up! 😀


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