Blog Roll Call / part 2


Paying it forwards isn’t just a crazy concept from a movie. It’s something I actively try to do in my life so, naturally, I want to employ it here as well!

I’ve done one of these posts before right here where I listed some of my favourite bloggers. Whilst I’ve been keeping up with their antics I’ve also found a couple more blogs I love love love.


A Sentimental Adventure


Described as a Chicago lifestyle blog what Christina and Dan, a husband and wife blogging duo, do is cute and inspiring. They cover fashion, lifestyle and travel so there’s something there for most people but I just enjoy the comfort I feel when I read the blog. The style of writing is friendly and I sometimes feel like I’m reading a friend’s blog… despite not knowing either of them. It might sound strange but I just want to be their friend because they’re cool!

Karen Kavatt


I’ve been following Karen for a while now on Youtube but I actually prefer the blog. These days I never seem to have time to watch Youtube video, however, I can read a blog at my desk at work… not that I do that or anything…

Karen is a graphic designer and crafter and her aesthetic is LA chic with a [giant] hint of nerd. She makes cool things and does tutorials that make me want to try to be a more ‘together’ human being.


Luxurious Skin

I love Raquel. I’m just putting it out there. I’ve developed a crush on this girl because she’s so cool and funny and she watches the same trash TV I watch!

I only recently stumbled upon her on Youtube and now I love getting updates from videos and blogs. She’s a Portuguese beauty blogger but rather than doing the generic beauty stuff I think she’s really unique in that she does make up that’s fun and enhances natural beauty rather than blotting out facial features. Not to mention the fact she looks like a young Madonna… which is supposed to be a compliment!


So enjoy! I’ll try to keep this up and do regular blog roll call posts because it’s always fun to find new friends!



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