Change of domain, same name!


You might not have noticed but I like keeping people in the loop, regardless.

This blog used to be filed under, however, as the blog is growing and I’m trying to make it a little more ‘profesh’ I’m now under a .com domain! Fun, right?

Basically I wanted to take ‘wordpress’ out because it doesn’t sound great when trying to drum up business. As well as writing fiction I enjoy writing this kind of content (aka fluffy word-stuffs), and I give my blog out as a sample of my writing style so I’m now under

You don’t need to change anything on your computer to keep seeing this blog, it’s more for my own peace of mind – adding a little more pizazz makes me feel better, ok?

If you write a blog let me know if this is something you already did or is it something you’ve considered? Blogging, to me, is just fun fun fun and a way for me to keep writing and try out different things; from just run of the mill life blogging to reviews and beauty writing. I enjoy mixing and whilst it is for fun it’s also a chance to do something for myself where I might make a few pounds on the side (money, not weight.. although…).

Very soon I’ll have a new banner, too. Just got to sort out my designs!

Don’t worry if this blog post didn’t thrill you; this is the last I’ll mention it… perhaps!



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